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Get your piano tuned

At Perfect Pitch Piano we have a wide and complete range of piano tuning services. By coming to you we can get your piano tuned on your schedule. With our expertise and efficiency, your music maker will be sounding sweet in no time at all. We make it as quick and easy as possible so you can get on with whatever you wish. Fast service, that doesn’t cut corners, what else could you ask for?


With Perfect Pitch Piano you get a superior service at an excellent rate. We are true professionals that value your business and intend to keep it. Let’s get started today!

This is our passion

We’re piano lovers too, not just Joe Company that comes in and makes a couple tweaks. Our philosophy rests in precise, careful, and exact service to get your piano tuned to its finest condition.

What we do – tuning, repair, humidity control, and buy and sell pianos. Let us help you with ANY and ALL piano needs!



Tuning services include

- Full tuning

- Preliminary cleaning

- Overall assessment

- And much more!

Professional service

At Perfect Pitch Piano we run the gamut of piano service, whether we’re working with the specialized professional equipment, or a beginner’s piano, you will find that we can enhance the sound of anything.

Contact Perfect Pitch Piano today to learn more about what do! 651-464-1651

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