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Humidity control

Yes, it is out of tune, we can fix that. You wouldn’t believe how dirty it is, we can take of that. But did you also know there is also an importance to the environment your piano is in. Humidity can easily affect a pianos performance, and it is important to know if you’re getting all you can from your instrument. At Perfect Pitch Piano we can address these concerns and so much more.


We want your piano to be at its very best, so please contact us today to ensure you’re getting everything you can from your amazing instrument.

What humidity control does

With a humidity control system, it allows for a more stable sound and in turn a more reliable tuning service. The system reduces the radical pitch that can change from one season to the next,

At Perfect Pitch Piano, we offer discounts to teachers, schools, churches, and many more. Speak to one of us today to learn more!



More specifically

- Creates a stable environment

- Helps preserve the piano for years

- Parts last longer

- And much more

Did we tell you how important you are?

Because you are! You and your piano are very important to us. Give your piano the love and care it deserves so it can continue to play from generation to generation with our state of the art humidity control system.

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