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Don’t be intimidated

Just because you play doesn’t mean you have to know everything. Pianos can be very tricky instruments, and that is precisely why there are people like us to help you out. Sure it could be off key, and sure it could be downright filthy, but don’t let the fear of repair turn you off. At Perfect Pitch Piano you’ll get complete repair services at competitive pricing. Relax, you’re in great hands.


We want pianos to be at their very best, so please contact us today to ensure you’re getting everything you can from yours. Expert service and reasonable prices, why wait?

Attention to detail

When servicing your piano Perfect Pitch Piano will not let one stone go un-turned. We pay exquisite attention to every detail, from the tone to the finish, when you leave us, you’ll think your piano is brand new.

We offer you excellent customer service that you can trust. No gimmicks, no hassle just quality work.



Common repairs

- Clicks and buzzes

- Restringing

- Action rebuilds

- And much more!

All in the family

We know that these are generally household instruments and they can take a beating. Perfect Pitch Piano can keep the music going. Let us help with all of your service and repair needs.

Contact Perfect Pitch Piano today to learn more about what do! 651-464-1651

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