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Get your piano cleaned and looking good as new

Don’t neglect it anymore. You’ve been putting it off too long. Wipe the dust from the top. Move the junk piled high. It’s time to get that baby out, and allow it give back to the world. At Perfect Pitch Piano we’re dedicated to first rate workmanship, and that work ethic proves to be a blessing for the restoration and cleaning of your back cornered, storage spaced, heirloom, and don’t forget amazing instrument.


No matter the condition our crew at Perfect Pitch Piano can help you clean and restore that piano back to its finest condition. Don’t wait, let’s get working today!

We are here for you

At Perfect Pitch Piano we know the importance of the client. Without you, there are no us. When we’re lucky enough to get your business we promise the highest quality work and superior customer service.

We will give you the quality service you need for your piano, all at a reasonable price, with expert service!



Cleaning services include

- Basic finish and care

- Dusting

- Polishing

- And much more! 

Dare I say, “Experts”?

I dare, I do. It’s not supposed to be an eye sore, nor a pain in the “you know what.” Trust us at Perfect Pitch Piano to clean your piano and get it looking great again. Don't let another day pass by.

Contact Perfect Pitch Piano today to learn more about what do! 651-464-1651

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